WILMAPCO Transporter - Spring 2022
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  Spring 2022
Quarterly newsletter of the Wilmington Area Planning Council TRANSPORTER
       WILMAPCO Invites Feedback on the
Transportation Improvement Program
Transit Improvement Highlights:
› New train stations in Newark and Claymont
› New bus transit hubs in Churchmans Crossing and Cecil County
› Increased use of zero-emission vehicles and micro transit
Road Improvement Highlights:
› Bridge preservation and safety projects in Cecil and New Castle counties
› Highway projects including I-295 northbound, SR 1, and the I-95/ Belvidere Road and I-95/SR 896 interchanges
› Multimodal projects including US 40, SR 9, southern New Castle County roads, and City of Wilmington streets
Bicycle and Pedestrian Highlights:
› Pedestrian Improvements by Elk Neck Elementary School
› Pedestrian improvements on US 13 and US 40
 TIP Funding by Mode
O n March 18, WILMAPCO released the draft FY 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for public review and comment
through April 29.
Funding the region’s transportation
four years of a long-range plan, and prioritizes and details $2.8 billion in planned projects that include road, bus, rail, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements.
• Port of Wilmington area • Infrastructure Investment and improvements:
Here are a few noteworthy projects:
In addition to the draft TIP, we will also welcome comments on the updated New Castle County air quality conformity analysis. This analysis was updated to account for revised project completion timelines.
Information is available online at www.wilmapco.org/tip.
Jobs Act funding:
›        increase in roadway and special       transit funding is expected
› Addition of Port Area Truck Parking Facility
› Addition of pedestrian and bicycle improvements on Edgemoor Road from Governor Printz Boulevard to Hay Road
› Electric Vehicle Program added to deploy charging infrastructure
› Carbon Reduction Program will fund projects to reduce emissions
› Increased funding for bridge preservation, management, painting, and inspection
› More rapid implementation of Highway Safety Improvement Program projects and SR 1 widening between Road A and US 40

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