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The Art of Negotiation
Two high school sweethearts hash out their wedding dreams.
By Kim Douglas Photos By tessa marie images
Kristen Marson and texting her about the prom—daily.
Andrew Taylor both grew up in Kennett Square, where their
families are part of the area’s thriving mushroom industry. And though their houses were just a few miles a apart, they didn’t talk until their junior year in
high school, when they sat at the same table in study hall.
One day, Andrew passed a note to Kristen, asking her to prom. When she said no, he told friends the proposal was just a joke to save face. Then he started
When she still didn't have another date 27 asks later, Kristen agreed.
After prom pictures, the two went their separate ways for the evening.
Not long after, they met for ice cream at Woodside Farm Creamery—and that broke the ice. “Ice cream is a way to my heart,” Kristen admits.
The two started dating in June 2014, a few months before Andrew headed to West Virginia University. “We realized we really didn't want to be so far apart,” says Kristen.

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