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                 So Andrew transferred to Temple University. Over the next four years, Kristen attended St. Joseph’s University, and she was never more than 15 minutes from her future husband. They had plans to share a townhouse when Andrew proposed in 2020. The couple set a date for June 19 the following year at the Mendenhall Inn.
At the reception, the newlyweds made their big entrance to Kesha’s “Your Love Is My Drug.” It was Andrew’s concession to his new bride. In exchange, he could have his Ford Mustang in the
wedding photos. Andrew also wanted
a portrait by the train tracks behind
the Mendenhall Inn. In the middle of the reception, their photographer told them the lighting was perfect, so they ran out and got the shot. A foggy, rainy wedding day added a sense of mystery to the image. “Hey, I was only going to wear the dress once,” Kristen quips.
The couple recently bought a house in Avondale, just five minutes from the ice cream shop where they had their first serious chat. “It’s dangerous to have ice cream so close,” says Kristen. TH 23

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