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                 An Independent, Quaker, Co-Ed, Pre-K-12 Day School with Boarding Options in Grades 9-12
975 Westtown Road | West Chester | Pennsylvania 19382
(From left) CSAFS leaders Zhengxia Dou, Laurel Redding, Meghann Pierdon, Dipti Pitta and Tom Parsons.
deforestation, which is a major contributor to climate change and biodiversity loss.
At Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center
in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the
newly launched Center for Stewardship Agriculture and Food Security is taking
on what Parsons, the center’s director,
calls “a generational challenge.” “There’s
a tension between two pressures that agriculture faces,” he says. “One is to be more environmentally friendly. The second is to go and feed the world. Our center will be one of the few that’s focusing on both of these directives at the same time.”
A working vision statement for the center is “to make animal agriculture part of the solution to a more resilient, sustainable, and equitable future,” says Parsons. The center views stewardship agriculture as a vehicle to promote the responsible use of resources entrusted to farmers to make food, including air, water, land, animals and people. While attending to animal health, productivity and welfare—longtime strengths of Penn Vet—the new center
will support and forge connections with a robust research community focused on the relationships between animal agriculture and ecosystems and public health, soil science, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.
“If you look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, it’s clear that agriculture impacts every one of them,” says Dr. Andrew Hoffman, the Gilbert
S. Kahn Dean of Penn Vet. “The way we conduct agriculture, everything we do in terms of the actual practice continued on page 36
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