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and policies around markets—these all impact sustainability goals.”
As experts in animal health and welfare, veterinarians and veterinary scientists
are uniquely positioned to find solutions that help farmers feed the world, and do it sustainably. “Simply put, we have a climate crisis and we have a food security crisis,” says Hoffman. “And we’ll only succeed if we adapt and innovate to address both.”
Innovation is nothing new at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center. Its campus
is rich with expertise and has a track record of fostering advancements in
dairy production, swine welfare and poultry health, among other fields. Increasingly, those advancements arise out of collaborations that leverage veterinary science with expertise from fields like engineering, finance, sociology, energy policy and epidemiology.
As part of Penn Vet New Bolton Center’s campus, the Center for Stewardship Agriculture and Food Security will serve as a nexus for these cross-disciplinary insights and projects, bringing together the people and resources to turn nascent ideas into tested on-the-ground solutions that can
be translated and scaled to reach producers across Pennsylvania, the United States
and beyond.
To push these ideas forward, the
center encompasses five “clusters of excellence,” each focused on a distinct branch of the mission: animal welfare, regenerative agriculture, food security, climate mitigation and human health interfaces. Guided by expert faculty leads, the five overlapping domains will support research, training and outreach to ensure Penn Vet’s innovations reach farmers where they are.
—Katherine Unger Baillie
Excerpted from “Meeting a Generational Challenge,” originally published in the Fall/Winter 2022 issue
of Penn Vet’s Bellwether magazine.
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