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                GHOST HUNTERS
investigators once asked the spirits,
“Did you do naughty things down here?” A “no” is clearly audible on the recording, though investigators say nothing was heard at the time.
Under contract with the Delaware State Parks system, the Diamond State Ghost Investigators team conducts one or two paranormal tours each year at Bellevue. Dubbed “Paranormal 101,” the events are designed to educate the public on EMF meters and other paranormal detection and surveillance equipment, offer photography tips, and identify whatever spirit orbs show up on footage.
Bellevue’s staff always insisted that something was happening on the third floor, where the sounds of a little girl
had been heard. DSGI investigators
have documented activation of a motion-activated music box placed on
the staircase, well away from any team members. When they questioned the spirit
Ghosts don’t come out
more at Halloween— or at night, for that matter.
—DSGI’s Gina Dunham
in the attic, the music box on the stairs started playing. “I always imagine a little girl hiding on the landing, afraid of us,” says Wilmington’s Gina Dunham, who
is DSGI’s current president. “Imagine if someone came into your home uninvited.”
ocated on Pea Patch Island in the middle of the Delaware River, Fort Delaware was considered an ideal prison
for Confederate and political prisoners. Its modern design provided reasonable conditions and a natural boundary for
its occupants. Then, in July of 1863, an influx of thousands of soldiers captured at Gettysburg raised the prison population to as many as 13,000. The six-acre complex
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 “We have recordings of footsteps in the attic, too,” says DSGI vice president Andy Lendway, an artist, illustrator and photographer in Wilmington since 1983. “Heavy footsteps.”
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