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                 Their destination: Fort Delaware, a spot they say is notorious for paranormal activity. Carl Suppa, a past president at Diamond State Ghost Investigators, has spent time in the general’s quarters, which has bedrooms and a child’s area. Carrying an EMF (electric and magnetic field) meter during one visit, he asked no one in particular, “If you’re in here, can you please make the lights go up for me?”
According to Suppa, the lights on the meter blinked in response.
He then asked, “Is it OK for us to be here?”
He watched the lights flash again. DSGI’s summer event is at Bellevue Hall,
a 19th-century mansion sitting on 328 acres in North Wilmington. Built in 1855 and now part of the Delaware State Parks system, the estate was purchased by William du Pont Sr.
in 1893 and later expanded by his son in the 1940s and ’50s. William du Pont Jr. added barns and tennis courts to accommodate his wives from two marriages—Jean, an equestrian, and Margaret, a tennis pro.
Although no one knows who the spirits might be at Bellevue, manifestations on the property have occurred mostly in the servants’ quarters in the attic and in the basement, where du Pont Jr. and his friends would retire after dinner. Recording on audio equipment,
Diamond State Ghost Investigators’ Andy Lendway and Gina Dunham at Bellevue Hall. 43

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