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 Planning and Budgeting for Vital Projects in an Everchanging Economy
W hile many organizations develop and maintain
detailed strategic plans, they sometimes lack the necessary
ingredients to bring their goals to fulfillment — including funding. Obtaining funding for projects can
be the most challenging part of the process. Layer on top of that today’s economic climate and fiscal constraints, and this lack of funding can often
mean the difference between designs sitting on a shelf and a project being completed. RETTEW offers funding assistance to help businesses, organizations and communities proactively plan and secure the critical resources they need to move a project forward.
An efficient and well-planned transportation network and traditional regional planning have over-arching effects on a community and are an important foundation of a prosperous economy. Effectively and safely moving goods to and from markets — and people to and from school, work and recreational activities — is essential in long-range transportation planning.
The importance of proper planning cannot be overlooked, especially when using public funds. PennDOT works with stakeholders in taking a holistic approach to improve communities
by aiding municipalities and local businesses in budgeting for vital infrastructure projects and thoroughly considering any impacts.
Launched in 2016, PennDOT Connects has formally and proactively brought together leaders from PennDOT, planning partners and local governments statewide to discuss local needs, potential project impacts and ways to collaborate to maximize value for our communities. This innovative approach to project planning and development expands PennDOT's requirements for engaging local and planning partners through collaboration with stakeholders before project
scopes are developed, which helps in advocating for funding.
PennDOT Connects aims to transform capital and maintenance project development by ensuring community collaboration happens early in the process. Upfront collaboration ensures projects meet current and anticipated needs during the project development
process and can potentially reduce
costly changes that may impact already strained project funding. Specific areas discussed during collaboration include, but are not limited to, safety issues, bicycle/pedestrian accommodations, transit access, stormwater management, utility issues, local and regional long-term plans and studies, freight- generating land uses, future growth and more. Implemented on new projects since 2017, PennDOT Connects requires meeting with local governments, metropolitan planning organizations and rural planning organizations to discuss issues and potential funding, as well as consideration of potential community impacts.
PennDOT Connects has been a successful tool in moving projects forward, including many in Chester County. Community stakeholders should be especially proud of working together
to bring the projects in the following table to fruition. With anticipated construction to begin in 2022 and early 2023, these projects address mobility issues and access, ensuring users have a safer commute on roadways throughout Chester County.
July 2022 September 2022 October 2022 November 2022 March 2023 April 2023
   Anticipated 2022/2023 Chester County Construction Projects
  State Route
   Anticipated Construction Start
 SR 3045 SR 0001 SR 0162 SR 1023 SR 0023 SR 7410
SC2 Spring Dell Road – Seal Coat/Maintenance
H02 U.S. 1 Partnership Phase 2 – Roadway Widening/Improvements IDA Embreeville Over West Branch Brandywine Bridge Replacement CB6 Merlin Road over Pigeon Run Bridge Removal/Replacement NAS Nutt Road and Starr Street Improvements
BRG West Bridge Street Over Amtrak Bridge Replacement
  Kennett Area Safer Active Transportation Routes
  August 2022
   SR 0724
  Schuylkill Road Over Eckers Creek Bridge Replacement
  September 2022
  SR 2020
  Boot Road Over Amtrak Bridge Replacement
  November 2022
  SR 0082
  Manor Road Roundabout
  February 2023
  SR 0322
  U.S. 322 West Chester Bypass Safety Improvements
  March 2023
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