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Cost will always be a factor in transportation planning. In these times
of tightening budgets and rising costs, moving projects forward is a challenge.
But now, more than ever before, outside funding sources are available to all
kinds of organizations and all kinds of projects. Those sources are increasingly stepping up to fill funding gaps created by reduced federal, state and local budgets. Communities and agencies can now turn to private investors for much-needed capital and/or leverage P3s — public-private partnerships — to finance infrastructure
or energy-related projects. Whether it’s to support significant public infrastructure
or smaller community assets, taking a proactive approach to funding allows communities to successfully implement projects and build economic value.
That said, the actual process of obtaining funding for projects is often even more challenging. It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of the application process, from preparing the conceptual designs
and budgets required for submission to establishing relationships with funding agencies. RETTEW Associates, Inc. (RETTEW), brings vast experience in helping businesses, municipalities, authorities and nonprofit organizations through all stages of project development — from project planning to researching and securing necessary funding, all the way through implementation and grant contract management.
RETTEW’s funding team provides professional financial consultation and explores funding sources that fulfill specific project needs. While guiding businesses and entities through the competitive application process, RETTEW goes above and beyond to advocate for the project and its partners by developing an overall funding strategy. The team explores every financial aspect of a proposed project or initiative, helps define fiscal goals, assists with budgeting, provides capital asset evaluations and/or rate studies, and pieces together multiple funding sources to ensure success.
RETTEW has had significant success working with federal, state and regional/ local aid programs to help communities and organizations secure the funding
they need. Through analysis, research and
a keen attention to detail, RETTEW has obtained more than $145 million in funding assistance for our clients.
This success is attributed to RETTEW’s extensive knowledge of funding programs. We continuously monitor grant and
loan programs while maintaining strong relationships with funding agencies. RETTEW’s relationships with program
staff at various funding agencies, as well
as our experience working with and for businesses, municipalities, authorities and nonprofit organizations, gives us an edge when securing resources for all types of projects.
RETTEW publishes a monthly newsletter, Focus on Funding, to help potential grantees explore featured funding opportunities, encouraging them to contact RETTEW’s funding team to learn more about programs, eligibility and application assistance. Visit RETTEW’s website ( (Expertise > Project
Financing > Focus on Funding) to learn more and sign up for our project funding newsletter.
Consistently ranked by Engineering News-Record as a Top 500 Design Firm, RETTEW is a leading multidisciplinary consulting firm dedicated to rethinking norms and
driving change. Founded in 1969, RETTEW provides civil/ municipal, transportation, environmental and subsurface utility engineering; geophysics; land planning; surveying; safety consulting; and design-build services across a range of markets. Today RETTEW is a 100% employee-owned firm with close to 300 employees and 10 offices located
in Allentown, Conshohocken, Lancaster, Mechanicsburg, Pittsburgh, State College and Williamsport, PA.; St. Clairsville and Uniontown, OH; and Morgantown, WV. For more information about RETTEW and its services, please call 1-800-RETTEW-5 (1-800-738-8395) or visit 37

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