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    Andrew Braun
The Membership Ambassador Committee is responsible for coordinating membership and retention functions for the Chamber. Committee members focus on the needs of Chamber members, emphasize the benefits of membership
and enhance the overall experience for all members.
The committee also hosts new member receptions, organizes the annual membership drive and
Jolie Karp
The Women Influencing Business (WIB) Committee is
an organization of women
who network through specific program opportunities designed to maximize women’s membership in the Chamber. The committee also hosts an annual Women Influencing Business dinner.
“Our mission is to educate and inspire women to enhance their business skills, develop their professional network and be effective and influential business leaders
assists the Chamber staff and Board with member recruitment and retention.
“People join a chamber because they want exposure,” said Andrew Braun, Growth and Development Director and Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual of Eastern Pennsylvania,
who estimates he has been involved with the committee for five or six years. “They want to be in front of people, and the committee allows you to advocate for new members and build a relationship with them when they don’t know which direction to go or are shy about building relationships. As a membership ambassador, you visit their business, invite them to an event and introduce them around — make sure they have a good experience so they’re excited to renew.”
Those who are membership ambassadors essentially serve as a “friendly face” for
in the community,” said Jolie Karp, CPA, the committee’s Chair and
a Partner at Stephano Slack LLC. “We educate, deliver knowledge and connect women in Chester County and the surrounding region through our programs.”
Karp considers herself fortunate “to be surrounded by a committee of incredibly smart women who are dedicated to empowering other women to be the best they can be through engaging events that create a positive environment where professionals can come together.”
    Marie Berry
members — especially new ones, said Marie Berry, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Blaise Management Services. “I think it’s really about helping new members get acclimated and feel comfortable, because it
can be very overwhelming when you’re a newcomer. I know that when I first joined the Chamber, I had never networked in my entire
life. It was an eye-opening experience.”
The Small Business Advisory Group’s goal is to promote the growth, profitability and recognition of small businesses in the community. The group organizes educational programs and special events throughout the year that focus on the needs and interests of these businesses. The SBA Group also plans the Annual Small Business Dinner, Wake Up Chester County and morning networking series.
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