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The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) recommends public policy statements to the GAC Board and tracks legislation at the state, federal and local levels of government. The committee also conducts interviews of candidates running for office as part of the endorsement process.
“We work to ensure the business community has a voice in politics and we educate elected officials at the state, county and federal levels on the positive and negative impacts of proposed legislation prior to enactment,” said Todd Kowalski, the Chamber’s Director of Operations and liaison for the committee.
In May 2022, the committee was reorganized “to create a more inclusive and open experience,” said Kowalski. “The intention
is to use the relationships of our staff and GAC Board to create opportunities for attendees to interact with high-level federal, state and local officials — as well as key decision makers — in an informal and comfortable atmosphere.”
A recent meeting with State Treasurer Stacy Garrity involved a discussion of divesting business interests from China and Russia.
Attendance at committee meetings comes with no expectation of prior knowledge or experience, Kowalski noted. “We want people to come in and ask questions as simple as, ‘What does a member of Congress do?’”
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