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Meet Wildwood restaurateur Brendan Sciarra
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A math genius ahead of his time
By Jeanne Outlaw-Cannavo
Every time you take a plane, watch a ship sail in the ocean, ride a bike or use a lever, it may not occur to you that the inspiration and design for these inventions, and many other modern machines we use today, were imagined, and conceived by a brilliant mathematician and inventor who lived centuries ago.
Archimedes of Syracuse was a great scientist of antiquity. He was born in Syracuse (at that time a Greek City State) on the island of Sicily c. 287 BCE and recognized as one the most famous mathematicians and inventors in ancient Greece.
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Top boxing honor goes to Dave Tiberi
   Dave Tiberi (center) and his family (from left) future son-in-law Ryan MacLeish; daughter Alexis Tiberi; grandson Callahan David MacLeish; his wife Angela Tiberi; daughter Angela Marie Tiberi; daughter Ariel Tiberi; and Ariel’s boyfriend Mark McMullen.
By Ken Mammarella
Before every bout, boxer Dave Tiberi meditated on the same Biblical verse: “I can do ALL through Christ, who strengthens me.” He often does so today, 30 years after his last fight, a fight that Boxing News called “the great robbery” and “one of the most infamous decisions in boxing history.”
“I believe God has me in the community to be a light, and that light ties into my Italian heritage to lead by action,” he said. And lead he does, in multiple nonprofits. “I’m very community-minded.”
Tiberi, 56, was just inducted into the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame, on top of being in the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania Boxing
Hall of Fame.
“It was very humbling,” he said of the
latest induction, referring to what he called more famous names involved. “I did fight a lot of fights in Atlantic City, and they gave me a great platform, and I was blessed to get great coverage. The honor pounded my
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  Florentine Count Sebastiano Capponi comes to Delaware County
Italian-American Herald
The Delaware Valley Italian American Herald is proud to present the First Publisher’s Wine Tasting and Gourmet dinner featuring Count Sebastiano Capponi of Villa Calcinaia in Florence, Italy. The dinner will be held at 6 p.m. Nov. 16 at Margaret Kuo’s Kitchen in the Promenade at Granite Run in Media, Pa.
A Knight of St. Stephen and a medal- holder of the Sovereign Military order of Malta, Count Sebastiano Capponi has presented wine pairings all around the world including mainland China. The Count’s visit back to the United States includes a special wine pairing dinner at Margaret Kuo’s newest signature restaurant.
The Capponi family dates back to 1054. They entered the Tuscan wine trade in 1215
and Count Sebastiano Capponi is the 20th generation to run the 200-hectare estate of Villa Calcinaia winery, which dates to 1524. Nobility came to the Capponi family in 1701 when they were given their first title of “Count.”
The Count is the manager and winemaker of the family vineyards and
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