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Elective Studio Art at Gilman School
Students who elect to take an AP Studio class in their junior and senior years are given eight-foot, cordoned-off spaces in the Gilman art studio. They maintain these areas as personal studios throughout the year, as they work toward their thesis exhibitions.
“It becomes their space, and a sense of collaboration and community develops,” says Karl Connolly, chair of Gilman’s upper school
visual art program. “I’ll hear kids critiquing each other’s work and introducing each other to artists. The kids here do so much — and they do it with such grace and aplomb.”
Stage Productions Apprenticeship
at Boys’ Latin School of Maryland
The Boys’ Latin theater program stays busy all year, staging productions in the fall and winter, and a spring production directed by seniors from the school, which means students have plenty of opportunities to get involved, both on stage or behind the curtain.
“It’s very much an apprenticeship-style learning,” says Gina Molling, the artistic and managing director for BL’s theater arts program since 1994. “They learn all the vocabulary, the stage directions, the acting skills, all through actually doing it. It’s very engaging and the boys love it.”
Student-Driven Creations
at Garrison Forest School  building and experimenting with art forms,” says Garrison Forest Performing Arts Department Chair Rachel Waller, of her school’s arts program.

student-driven creations. “Kids are writing their own skits in theater class, choreographing their own dances, even starting as young as sixth and seventh grade,” she says.
The school promotes professionalism in the arts, and also encourages students to experiment with different types of arts. “The driving force is that sense of letting kids shine and encouraging them to not only do what they already know they’re good at, but to try the thing that scares them,” says Waller.

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