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Award-Winning Music at
Notre Dame Preparatory School
Part of the Notre Dame Preparatory (NDP) mission involves helping students learn how they might transform the world; for many students, the arts are one way to do that. “The beautiful thing about art is that the students have fantastic skills and talents to share with the world,” says Steve Pomplon, NDP’s social service director.
When NDP students put their art out into the world, they come home with not just a sense of giving back, but also numerous accolades. Last year, at the annual adjudication in Williamsburg, while competing against schools from all over the country, NDP’s musical  Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Concert Choir.
Artist in Residence Program
at The Park School of Baltimore
Each year, The Park School invites an artist to serve as the upper school resident artist, sharing his or her work and interacting with students. Last year, Park’s artist in residence was glass artist Charlotte Potter; she led the school community in an interactive glass-blowing experience, linking emotions to the heated glass.
Through the resident artist program and other arts classes, Park students are encouraged to push their own boundaries via art, says Director of Arts Carolyn Sutton. “We’re not just teaching you music or how to paint in oil paints, but teaching how to stretch and explore, come up against a problem and push through, and get to know yourself as an artist and artists in the world.”
All-School Art Show
at Friends School of Baltimore
Friends’ All-School Art Show has been a school tradition for years — so long that the current faculty and staff are not quite sure when it started. The show lives up to its name: Held in the gym, it includes one or more works from all of the school’s art students.
“Many art teachers try to display several works from each student, and often it means we hold on to all the art that’s been made for the  last week in April,” says Art Department Chair Ben Roach.

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