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Pop-Up Art Day at McDonogh School
In May 2017, McDonogh students of all ages participated in a day-long “pop-up” event, celebrating all things art. From a cardboard sculpture walk to musical performances to original plays and a jam band dance party, the day engaged students in all forms of artistic expression.
“It’s exciting and visual and a way of bringing art to the community and to people who may not always venture to the dance studio and  & performing arts. “Joy is such an important part of our school. For me, seeing a dance party as kids are getting off the bus — what else is more joyful?”
Community Engagement & Collaboration
at St. Paul’s School & St. Paul’s School for Girls Last year, when the St. Paul’s boys’ and girls’ middle schools came together to stage a production of The Lion King, the performers on stage weren’t the only St. Paul’s artists represented: Students in the Visual Arts Department, who used laser cutters to create the masks worn by the players, were the show’s behind-the-scenes stars.
That sort of collaboration, both within the school and with the community at large helps make the St. Paul’s arts programs strong. Not only has the school made a name for itself with its theater productions, St. Paul’s visual arts students also have the opportunity to display work throughout the state, everywhere from The Walters Art Museum to the Maryland State House.
“The arts community in Baltimore is so rich and really full of unique camaraderie,” says John Hendricks, who serves as the dean of the arts for St. Paul’s boys’ and girls’ schools. “We strive to be great members of the local arts community and be engaged and involved.”
On-Stage Excellence at
Maryvale Preparatory School
Inside Maryvale’s Humanities facility, student performers have access to everything from a cutting-edge theater to a well-stocked “scene shop” — all the building blocks necessary to create visually impressive stage performances.
But it’s the students themselves who really wow. Maryvale offers “many opportunities for theater students to excel both on and off the stage,” says Communications and Marketing Manager Nikki Puszcz. In the fall of 2016, the school staged The Little Mermaid, which earned accolades and award nominations for its upbeat, professional production.

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