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school spirit Jayden
Jayden, an eighth-grader, entered  in sixth grade. He 
Who is your favorite teacher?
Mr. Anderson is my favorite teacher. Art is one of my favorite classes and Mr. Anderson has made me a better art student.
What activity or extracurricular is most meaningful to you?
Both athletics and art club are the most important activities to me. I love

Which two adjectives best describe your school?
Welcoming and challenging.
What special event during the school year makes you proud to be a Gilman student?  school comes together and homerooms compete with different activities. I’m proud to be a Gilman student because it’s a great community, and everyone respects and helps each other.
When you leave Gilman, what will you miss the most?
When I leave Gilman, I’ll miss the people — students and teachers. They have taught me so much and I will miss seeing them every day.
\[* SuperGras is a day at the end of the school year in the middle school that includes chariot racing, egg tossing, tug of war and students vs.
faculty quiz bowl.\]
Michael, a senior and co-editor of the Gilman News what  means to him.
Which activity or extracurricular is most meaningful to you?
My most meaningful extracurricular activity is a tie between my time tutoring students at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School and my work on the Gilman News. Working with elementary and middle school students for the past two years has been incredibly rewarding. Every kid deserves the ability not only to get a great education but also to enjoy what they learn, and I take great pride in knowing that I may have assisted those inquisitive boys and girls in doing the latter. Additionally, I value my time at the Gilman News, through which I get to do what I love — write.
What special event during the school year makes you proud to be a Gilman student?
The opening convocation brims with school spirit and is a brilliant
event to watch every year. As each member of the senior class escorts
a kindergartener or prep-one student to the assembly, he captures the extensive unity at Gilman. This brotherhood among students — old and young —- gives me a great sense of pride.
How would you describe the culture at your school?
I have trouble describing a singular Gilman culture, as our community is incredibly diverse in its academic and extracurricular pursuits. Nevertheless, we are similar because Gilman fosters integrity and humility in all of us.
What is your school motto? Which part most resonates with you?
Gilman’s motto is “In Tuo Lumine Lumen,” which
translates to “in thy light we shall see light.” The teachers here value students’ bright minds. They inspire us to both cultivate this talent and utilize it as we strive to make a meaningful contribution to
the school environment and the community.
If you could plant your school mascot
anywhere in Baltimore, where
would you put it?
I have an admitted
obsession with the Baltimore Orioles.
Thus, I would place our Gilman Greyhound in Camden Yards so he could experience the magic of
Orioles baseball.

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