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school spirit Kendall

Wellness Organization, highlights the importance of her  experience.
Which extracurricular or activity is most meaningful to you?
I have loved being involved with Peer Health, an organization at RPCS  
Which two adjectives best describe your school?
Community-oriented and spirited.
Which special event at your school fills you with schoolspirit? Whatmakesyouproudtobeastudent at your school?
We’ve started having annual dodgeball games in the upper school, a relatively new tradition. There’s a team for each grade, as
well as a faculty team, and they play each other. At
RPCS, there are so many different opportunities to
participate in what we’re interested in, whether it
be in academics, the arts, or athletics – or even a
dodgeball game!
How would you describe the culture at your school?
Wide-ranging. While we are a K-12
community under one roof, each student’s experience at RPCS is different. There
are so many areas to explore and that’s something I really love about RPCS — the opportunity to branch out and discover new things, but still feel a part of the community.
What is your school motto?
What part resonates the most
with you? 
one’s own interests is such an integral 
important and valuable. Through my own experience, I can say that the students and faculty at RPCS want you to do your best and  “your moment.” I truly appreciate that aspect of our school.
Emma, a senior three-sport athlete and president of the Athletic Association at  has meant to be a RED for 14 years.
Which extracurricular or activity is most meaningful to you?
The RPCS athletic teams I play on — soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Being a RED allows me to work hard, improve as an athlete, and form relationships and create memories with my teammates and coaches that will last forever.
When you leave your school, what will you miss the most?
The atmosphere that makes me want to compete and challenge myself, even with the possibility of failure.
How would you describe the culture at your school?
Upliftingandencouraging.Everyonewantsyoutopushyourself,trynew things and succeed.
What is your school motto? Which part resonates the most with you?
The part of our school philosophy that resonates
with me most is that our school strives to
instill a “resilient spirit” in students. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone, but I trust in the support of our school community.
If you could plant your school mascot anywhere in Baltimore, where would you put it?
On top of Baltimore’s World Trade Center. It’s a place where people from different walks of life come together — and you’d be able to
see our crew team on the harbor!

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