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1:1 Chromebook Program Puts Technology into Mthe Hands of Middle Schoolers at Cathedral
IDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS atTheSchoolofThe  Cathedral utilize technology in the classroom project, the Faith in Focus Leadership Conference, developed through a 1:1 Google Chromebook program. Every 
student receives a Google Chromebook with the Google Apps for Education suite, allowing students to be technologically savvy citizens of the digital world, while developing critical- thinking, collaborative and problem-solving skills.
“Our focus in middle school is to prepare students for the future,” says Michael Wright, principal at the school. “This  prepare students for the future with an innovative education and to be problem-solvers while developing their 21st- century learning skills.”
minute “TED Talk” on social-justice issues such as equality or mercy. Students research their topic, collaborate using Google Docs and peer-edit the presentations. The students deliver the presentations to the school community using Google Slides.
In addition to its collaborative nature, the suite aids students on an individual level. “It helps develop their executive functioning skills. Although they are digital natives, the students need support inorganizingtheircloudworkspaceandmeetingdeadlines,”says Wright. “They use the Google Calendar to manage deadlines, and the various apps when working on projects to develop those critical technological and organizational skills.”

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