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                                 At the top, they started taking photos, including the obligatory snapshot of Jess holding up the hand with her new engagement ring. Another couple on the mountaintop spotted them, figured out what was up and came over to share a bottle of scotch they’d carried up for a toast. “I wish I could remember their names, but I’ll never forget their contribution to our wonderful day,” says Jess.
Best Laid Plans
In short order, the nature-loving city dwellers set their sights on a Hudson Valley destination wedding. After a round of extensive research scouting venues, poring over photos, and reading online reviews, they agreed on a short list of places to visit in person.
First up was The Roundhouse in Beacon. “My mom was so impressed, she thought we should stop looking,” says Jess. “But I wanted to see a few more options, just to be sure.”
It quickly became clear that The Roundhouse was by far their top choice. They loved everything about it: the spectacular grounds, the industrial chic décor, and laid- back upstate vibe. The catering options more than sealed the deal. “If you read the reviews online, they all say something about the amazing food,” says Jess. “And every word is true.”
Oh, What a Night!
After an unintentionally long engagement because of the pandemic, Jessica and Michael exchanged wedding vows on July 9 of last year. Despite some questionable weather that morning, they were able to have their ceremony outside in the garden, exactly as they hoped. Then the festivities moved indoors, with the waterfall that sits right outside the building in full, glorious view through the floor-
Everything turned out perfectly.The alcohol was flowing, and the food was so delightful! We still get compliments on our cocktail hour—I just wish we ate more during it! But I did eat my entire
dinner plus some of Mike’s.
For this discerning couple, curating a just-right menu was top of mind from the get-go. “I come from a family of foodies,” says Jess. Fortunately, The Roundhouse offers many great options. Their wish list:
Delicious and plentiful cocktail hour offerings, with a mix
of elaborate charcuterie boards, stations, and passed hors d’oeuvres. Their overall objective was what Jessica calls “constant flow,” so guests never had to wait long to get food.
One lighter and one meatier option for the main course. (Fun fact: When they go to weddings, Jessica and Michael usually split the fish and the meat.) They also sampled a cauliflower steak that was so delicious they added it as
a silent vegetarian option. “I remember telling one of my friends to make sure someone ordered it,” says Jessica.
Something light and summery for dessert. The winner: alternating tiers of classic white cake with chocolate mousse and lemon cake with raspberry mousse and vanilla buttercream frosting.
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