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                                                                                 Cookware of a Different Mettle. Made in the USA.
There are many reasons to cook with cast iron and steel. Sustainable, green and fuel efficient. Many chefs say food tastes better, and some even claim health benefits. We’re proud to feature a wide range of this special cookware, at various price points, including the best of breed from our own home-sweet-home.
  Finex 1 qt. cast iron aucepan $124.99, also available 8”, 10”, 12” Skillets. Made in Oregon.
Nest 3.5 qt. cast iron Dutch Oven 249.99. Skillets also available in 4.5-inch and a 9-inch sizes. Made in Rhode Island.
Lodge, seasoned cast iron made in Tennessee. 8-inch Skillet shown, $17.99. Also available in 6.5”, 9, 10.25, 12, 13.25, 15 and 17-inch sizes.
Smithey cast iron, made in South Carolina. Skillets available in 8, 10, 12, and 14-inches. Shown, 8-inch $99.99.
Field cast iron, made in Ohio 6.75- inch Skillet, $74.99. Other Skilletss available in 8.375-inch, 10.2, 11.625, and 13.75-inch sizes.
 Grizzly nickel coated cast iron, made in North Carolina. Skillets in 10-inch and 12-inches. Shown, 10-inch size, $162.49.
The Hudson Valley’s best selection of fine cutlery, professional
cookware, appliances, serving pieces and kitchen tools.
• Unique and rare knives from around the world.
• Expert sharpening on premises (Monday–Saturday). • Cookware, bakeware and barware
• A full range of coffee brewing appliances.
• Gift wrapping available.
6934 Route 9 Rhinebeck, NY 12572 Just north of the 9G intersection 845-876-6208 Mon–Sat 9:30–5:30 Visit us on the web at

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