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                                  apprentice program. It’s helping other farms who don’t have the equipment or the infrastructure to build their operations as well,” says Tse. “All the farmers who participate in our supply chain have made us a successful, thriving business.”
Dig Acres started as a modest five-acre operation, managed by a crew of three. Now, a crew of eight farmers cultivate 20 acres of Black Dirt farmland in the CAC. In addition, Larry’s crew will often help the CAC’s other tenants, which provides them the bonus of practice.
“He will help people lay plastic in their field for their crops. He’ll go and disk a field,” says Poindexter. “There’s
All of the farmers who participate in our supply chain have made us successful, thriving business.
just a lot of cooperation and knowledge sharing, which is very unique and a great advantage for the farmers.”
Despite its corporate background, Dig Acres has carved out an intimate niche in the local industry. Tse thinks
of the farm as a lesson in corporate responsibility. Like
a rising tide, Tse acknowledges the more he can help smaller operations grow and prosper, the more the entire community can thrive.
“If we can make their lives easier, make their operations more successful, that’s what we’re here for,” says Tse. “That’s our mission.”
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