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                                 LARRY TSE
The CAC’s structure largely benefits its tenants in the commonalities they all share, like repairing ditches and maintaining long-term soil health. Where Tse’s story differs most from his peers’ is in the financial support his team has. Founded in 2017, Dig Acres is a project from the NYC- based restaurant group Dig.
“The idea was that we wanted to have a living lab for our chefs and cooks, where they could come learn about where food comes from before it gets to the kitchen,” says Tse.
He acknowledges the privileges he and his crew have with their generous corporate backing. In contrast to most starting farmers, the Dig Acres crew didn’t have to be heavily concerned with startup costs, like finding land or purchasing equipment. Additionally, the CAC’s existing greenhouses and wash-pack facilities allowed Dig Acres to save on infrastructure.
For this reason, Tse is conscious about where Dig Acres fits into the Hudson Valley agricultural community. They’ve created a tight knit network of partners, curating sales channels that lessen their local impact, and try not to take business away from smaller farms.
“For us, having this farm is building community. It’s elevating our industry by training new farmers with our
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