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 Explore Our Shores
     Enjoy a few quiet hours along the serene, scenic coast of the Delaware Bay. Observe the horseshoe
   This small private community, located about three miles from Dover AFB, offers public access to its beach.
   A public nature beach that is also a sanctuary for horseshoe crabs, shorebirds and bald eagles.
Port Mahon, near the small community of Leipsic, is a great place to enjoy wildlife, launch boats and fish from the pier.
  Bowers Beach is an eco- tourism destination, where visitors can spend a quiet afternoon kayaking, strolling the sand,      
   How Slaughter Beach got its name has been hotly debated, and a conclusive answer has yet to be found. Its gory moniker notwithstanding, this sandy spot is quiet and peaceful, and another great place to observe horseshoe crabs and other wildlife.
   A secluded spot with a new fishing pier; it’s also popular with swimmers and kayakers.
One of the best ways to experience our shores is by following the Delaware Bayshore Byway, which leads you along expansive coastal marshes, pristine beaches, agricultural lands and forests. Learn more at
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