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                 the ’70s-era asphalt roof with more energy- efficient material, rewired the electric, and removed old radiators to install central heat
and air conditioning. “The radiators were really beautiful, but we didn’t want the oil,” Brant says.
They also hung ceiling fans with dimmer lights in every room—ideal for temperate months when screens allow for fresh air.
“I thought for sure we’d have to replace all the original leaded-glass windows and that we’d be broke for the rest of our lives,” Brant says, only half-joking.
None of the windows needed repairing, so they moved to the interior. They peeled off the wild floral wallpaper from the ’80s, did some plastering and painting, and pulled up the wall-to-wall carpet to reveal original hardwood floors in mint condition. The stucco exterior was white with contrasting black shutters. They painted it a pale gray that shows a hint of pink in certain light. “You see that pink, too?” Brant poses. “Isn’t that amazing?”
Brant’s favorite indoor space is
a south-facing room where sun spills in from all sides to break up the shadows. An acoustic guitar leans against a wall, available
to anyone who passes by.
Balanced Juxtaposition
While Brant favors all things old—spaces, objects and general simplicity—her husband and the boys prefer a house that’s “new and open.” Sure, 19th-century architecture comes with its fair share of quirks (shallow closets, squeaky floorboards, mysterious nooks), but a few updated amenities made for a balance that appeases the whole gang.
James completely updated the kitchen, installing Shaker cabinets and an island topped with earth-tone granite. And while you’ll
spot a few of Brant’s early American antiques in the home, an icebox isn’t one of them. Stainless steel appliances offer convenience and a contemporary bent, as does a corner banquette hugging a circular farmhouse table. Brant brushed an ivory porch paint across the wood floors. Foot and paw traffic from Lacey, the family’s 8-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix, adds a patina that screams “farmhouse.” While new, a distressed Persian rug and woven leather stools appear rustic. 19

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