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                HOME & GARDEN
    The Brants completely updated the kitchen, installing Shaker cabinets and an island topped with an earth-tone granite. Stainless steel appliances offer convenience and
a contemporary bent, as does a corner banquette hugging a circular farmhouse table.
Bri Brant at home with Lacey.
A Blank Canvas
The Brants are the fourth family to reside in the home over the past century and a half. It was built in 1867 by the Sharpless family, who at the time owned most of Fairville village, including the post office, a boardinghouse for girls and
a general store. The Sharpless house was later purchased by the Woodwards, well-known farmers in Pennsbury Township. Sometime in the late 1960s or early ’70s, they sold it to the Barringtons, who remained there for 50 years.
One of the home’s best features is its
east-west situation. “It gets the most perfect sunrises and sunsets,” Brant says.
Brant often envisions the Sharpless family rocking on the original wooden wraparound porch or pulling up the circular dirt drive in their horse and buggy. She also likes to imagine how they lived in the space before the dawn of electricity and indoor plumbing. The porch has since been torn down. The drive, formerly part of Stockford Road, is now asphalt.
The Brants purchased the 3,000-square- foot home as is, and they fully expected to
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