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                 Youthful Infatuation
Delaware County native Bri Brant rescues and revives Gthe 19th-century farmhouse she admired as a kid.
rowing up in Chadds Ford, Bri Brant name to it, with his permission,” she says. “I worried frequently traveled along Cossart Road, that if I signed my own name, they wouldn’t write where an old Folk Victorian farmhouse me back.”
on eight bucolic acres caught her eye. “I’ve loved It was kismet. A few days later, her dad got a
this style of house since I was a kid,” says Brant,
an industrial designer and owner of Arden + James boutique in Kennett Square. “I know that’s weird, but I’ve always been drawn to them—to
the feeling.”
Around Christmas 2020, when Brant spotted survey markers in the yard, she set out to save the property from being subdivided. “I have my real estate license, so I had access to the public record. I wrote a letter to the estate and signed my dad’s
call. Soon, Brant was touring the house with her husband, James, and their two boys. “It was a magical time of year with the snow, and I fell in love with everything about it,” she recalls. “My love for this house ... It’s like when you love a person
so much you don’t notice any faults. I felt attached. There was nothing about her that could ever bother me.”
Three months later, the family was settled in the home. Brant named the house Victoria. 15

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