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                  wanted to have the warmth of a home for our guests, so we started looking at other du Pont estates.”
They discovered Brantwyn in New Castle County. “We fell in love with its Old World charm—the elegant rooms, old paintings and the staircase,” says Grace. “It felt like we’d be inviting our guests to an intimate dinner party.”
Their intimate gathering included
96 guests, who first assembled for an Orthodox Christian ceremony at St. Michael the Archangel in Wilmington. The early May weather was wet, so some photos were taken at their home out of necessity. “I love the intimacy of those shots,” Grace says. “And our first house is immortalized.”
Grace’s earrings belonged to John’s great grandmother, and the bride created her own invitations. Another nice touch was a boxed slice of wedding cake for each guest. “Most people miss out on the cake anyway,” Grace says. “It was the perfect sweet treat for our guests to unwind their night with.” TH
Wednesday, May 17th, 2023
White Clay Creek Country Club
Union Park
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