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  before transporting their thoroughbreds to the racetrack. Among them is a fully staffed on-site equine medical facility and therapy center,
in addition to the gate-training capability. Although most of the trainers race their horses on flat tracks, Fair Hill also is home to trainers whose horses run steeplechases. “The owners are responsible for the maintenance of their facility,” Goswell says, pointing out that some may rent out a portion of their stables to other trainers. “Although we have a maintenance staff, the trainers also hire their own staff,” she says, which normally includes exercise riders, walkers and stable crews. “But we do provide for an outside manure-collection service,” Goswell says. “Compared to the stables available at the racetracks, the barns here are like heaven.”
Matz’ ill-fated Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro, was stabled here and “never saw a racetrack before starting his first race,” Goswell says.
Goswell pulls her SUV in front of a barn marked “Fairy Chant III,” gets out and ducks
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