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                BRUCE MILLER
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   Throughout his training career, Miller was always best at meticulously matching rider to horse. “He never gloated or even talked about it,” his daughter says. “He never took credit.”
led in a forward way. He went where the hounds went, and if that took getting over a four- or five-foot post-and-rail fence, so be it. He was a hunt servant, and he took that job very seriously. He saw the big picture, and he didn’t have to be the center of the picture.”
A purchasing agent for race horses, Miller recalls one of their last rides
together. “He accelerated down a half- frozen hill to a fence with the hounds. We all gulped, looked at each other and said we’d better go. And so we did—over a fence five feet high,” she says. “Three or four of
us got over it. The rest decided discretion was the better part of valor. He was like that until the end.” TH
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