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                 (Previous pages) The vineyards at Acadian Wine Company. (This page) 1723 Vineyards’ Sarah and Ben Cody with daughter Payte and in their winemaking facility.
fall 2023
1723 Vineyards. Owners Sarah and Ben Cody are fifth- generation farmers from the Midwest who have a passion
for great wines and working with their hands. In 2014, they purchased 36 acres of the historic McMaster Farm and began producing wine four years later. Ben tends the eight acres of vines, while Gabriel Rubilar (also a winemaker at Chaddsford) consults on winemaking. “We’ve made a number of adaptations to optimize our wine quality,” Ben says. “In some cases, this
was switching to cultivars and trellising systems that better suited our site. At this stage, we actually feel like it’s more about fine-tuning than major changes.” 5 McMaster Blvd., Landenberg, Pennsylvania, (888) 330-0526,
Acadian Wine Company. Kreutz Creek was 20 years old when owners Jim and Carole Kirkpatrick retired in 2022. A few months later, new owner and Pennsylvania-trained winemaker Kyle Jones opened Acadian Wine Company with a new tasting room and his own vintages. “Currently, there are eight acres of established trellises, three of which contain original plantings

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