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                HOME & GARDEN
In 1906, Bryn Clovis milk was one of only five Philadelphia-area dairies to be certified by the Milk Commission of the Pediatric Society. In more recent years, the barn was adapted to house horses.
more than 200 years the tract remained in one family, the Garretts, who began farming the land in 1684. Like Penn, they were English Quaker immigrants. Bryn means “mount”
or “hill” in Welsh. The origin of Clovis is less clear. Its European roots are Latin, French and German, loosely translating to “renowned fighter,” an unlikely choice for property settled by pacifist Quakers.
In 1888, the old Garrett homestead
was sold for $7,200 to Edward Lewis, a Philadelphian who made his fortune in
the iron and steel industry. He purchased the property for use as a summer home for both him and his children’s families. Lewis transformed the modest farmhouse house into a grand country home, with manicured
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