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                 Artisans replaced every single door and window on all sides of the barn using sapele mahogany, a beautifully grained species prized for its density and durability.
While mahogany is often considered a luxury material, it’s a commonly used wood in equestrian settings. Glick says the choice comes down to horse sense. Livestock create wear and tear, so it’s imperative to use building materials
that can hold up over time. “Barns get beat up and abused on a regular basis
so anything you can do to enhance durability is critical. From a material perspective, white oak or mahogany is the only wood we use for any equestrian building,” he says.
With lantern-style exterior lighting, doors detailed with crosshatches and divided-light windows, raised-panel shutters and additional dormer windows, the barn includes many of the amenities found in fine homes. The first family event after the renovation was a wedding at which chairs were set up in the stable yard and the entry to the hayloft was festooned with cascades of flowers.
Creating a home where both people and animals can flourish has long been part of the fiber of Bryn Clovis. For 23

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