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Columbus statue case is a victory for George Bocchetto
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By Al Kemp
The life and legacy of Italian explorer Giovanni Verrazzano was recently celebrated in events that included an elaborate ceremony in Rehoboth Beach, the debut
of a new film in New York City and a visit to Florence, Italy, by a delegation from the Delaware Commission on Italian Heritage and Culture.
All the events took place on April 17 to recognize the 500th anniversary of the famed explorer’s voyage to the East Coast of what would become known as America.
In Rehoboth Beach, Mayor Stan Mills kicked off the ceremony by declaring April 17 Verrazzano Day in the city.
As a crowd gathered at the Verrazzano Monument, keynote speaker Russell McCabe, former Delaware State Historian and Archivist, gave a captivating presentation on the importance of Verrazzano’s 1524 explorations of the East Coast.
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Andiamo al mercato!
Neighborhood markets are an integral part of Italian lifestyle
Padua’s Mercato Sotto il Salone is one of the oldest in Italy and takes place inside a palazzo built circa 1218.. | ADOBE STOCK
By Jeanne Cannavo
If you want to experience the culture of Italy, then you need to do more than just visit historic sites or museums. Markets are an integral part of the fabric of Italy, and their existence over centuries is possible because of their relevance in the daily lives of Italian citizens. They are a great place to taste local foods, pick up a souvenir, vintage jewelry,
artwork, local crafts and much more. These traditional neighborhood
street markets take place in most Italian municipalities and can be as ancient as the cities themselves. Small towns tend to have a weekly mercato (alternating weekdays with other bordering towns) in a designated street or square. Others may be held daily or on special occasions such as a religious festival.
Vendors sell all kinds of products from fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, household products, books, clothing and more. There are markets which only sell specific items like the famed Rialto fish market in Venice which has been in operation for more than 1,000 years.
Markets may be held in historic
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Injury sidelines young man’s soccer career but not his devotion to the sport
By Ken Mammarella
For Francis Barilo, soccer was first “the thing that my dad and I do together.” And second it was a devoted hobby involving trips from their Wilmington home for training and games in places like Bensalem and Conshohocken, Pa. – plus Italy. And third it became their “shared dream.”
Then the dream became reality. The 2019 Salesianum School graduate played semiprofessionally and professionally
in the United States (Allentown United
in the United Premier Soccer League), Germany (FC Ottensoos in the Bezirksliga Mittelfranken Nord) and Spain (Real Club
See BARILO - page 10
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