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Instructions to Authors
The Delaware Medical Journal (DMJ) is owned and published by the Medical Society of Delaware as a medium of communication, education, and expression for its members, and also for others striving for excellence in medical practice. Articles in the DMJ  copyright. On receipt of material submitted for publication, a suitable release form will be sent for signature by all authors.
 case reports, clinical experiences, observations, and information on matters relevant to medical practice. Other material may also be accepted if the editorial staff deems it of interest to DMJ readers. All submissions should include a brief summary and a brief (one to two sentence) biographical sketch of all authors.
It is highly recommended that authors familiarize themselves with DMJ style before submitting manuscripts for consideration.
Material for publication should be submitted electronically via e-mail to The ideal manuscript length is 750 to 5,000 words with up to 12 references, each keyed with superscripts in the text in the order cited. The Delaware Medical Journal uses the American Medical Association’s Manual of Style. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the citations.
Graphs, charts, and black-and-white glossy photographs are accepted if  Electronic copies of each graph, chart, or photo should also be submitted to Most graphic formats are acceptable. Photos imbedded in Word documents and Power Point slides are not acceptable.
Photos of patients should generally be taken in a way that obscures the patient’s identity. Photos in which a patient’s face must be clearly seen, however, must be accompanied by signed release forms.
 sent for peer review by members of the Editorial Board and/or other appropriate physicians. The usual processing time to publication is two to four months, though in some circumstances this may be longer or shorter.
All materials should be submitted to:
Delaware Medical Journal, Medical Society of Delaware 900 Prides Crossing, Newark, DE 19713 or
e-mailed to
Prayus T. Tailor, MD – President
Richard W. Henderson, MD– President-Elect Andrew Dahlke, MD – Vice President
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Randeep S. Kahlon, MD – Treasurer
Leo W. Raisis, MD – Speaker of the Council Dorothy M. Moore, MD – Immediate Past President
Executive Staff
Executive Director
Mark A. Meister, Sr.
Senior Director, Corporate Services
Mary M. LaJudice
Editorial Staff
Editor-In-Chief, Delaware Medical Journal
Peter V. Rocca, MD
Publications Coordinator
Kathy O. Jackson
Editorial Office
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