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  populated site, because it is delivered in preconstructed panels that are easy and efficient to assemble. In fact, MT structures often go up much faster than traditional buildings and do not require as much space for staging as other types of construction materials.
We also think that this construction technique is a great way to pay homage to Ponce’s Sears roots. Did you know that in the early 1900s, you could order a home from the Sears catalogue that was partially made from wood? Sears called it Honor Built, and the company would send you a complete home kit to assemble yourself. Some of these homes still stand today, and many are on the National Historic Registry.
Q: How does mass timber align with Jamestown’s core values and its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility?
MB: Jamestown is proud of its com- mitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Through Jamestown Green and the Jamestown Charitable Foundation, we are focused on efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and support the communities where we own and manage properties.
One of the most interesting components about this project for Jamestown is the opportunity to tie our timberland business to our commercial real estate business. Although we are still in the planning stages, we are exploring a way to connect a “Forest to Frame” supply chain — meaning, the project would be built from timber grown on our investors’ land base here in Georgia, making it a Georgia Grown building.
Q: In what ways do you see this as a leadership opportunity for Atlanta and Georgia?
MB: While Forestry Association members likely already know that Georgia is the top forestry state in the nation, this is not common knowledge to a lot of people in the greater Atlanta com- munity. We hope that our partnership with the Georgia Forestry Foundation, and the design of a new mass-timber office building, will help educate more people about all the good things our forests in Georgia provide to us. 
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