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                                                                                will offer its tenants light-filled, customizable floorplates with an option to create outdoor, private balconies. The ground floor will house 25,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, and offer a seamless, direct connection to the new courtyard and neighborhood.
These plans keep sustainability top of mind with ample outdoor space, new technologies, green materials, and design that draws on the beauty of nature, while honoring the history of Ponce City Market.
Q: What are the qualities or benefits of mass timber that attracted Jamestown to choose it as a structural material?
MB: The original Sears building was built in 1926, and the reimagined Ponce City Market opened in 2014. Today, Ponce City Market has become a major employment hub for creative and technology companies, and is currently home to 90 businesses. Around 10,000
“Mass timber is a great material
to use when building on an already populated site, because it is delivered in preconstructed panels that are easy and efficient to assemble.”
people visit Ponce City Market each day, and nearly one half live and/or work in the neighborhood.
Ponce City Market is a truly unique place. Jamestown worked very hard to keep the building’s historic charac- ter in place during construction, and we believe it’s a big part of what draws people to the neighborhood. As we began the planning process for its expansion, we asked ourselves: How do you design and construct a new building to fit that historic aesthetic? And believe it or not, we were inspired by the hardwood floors in the market.
Q: How does mass timber help to address challenges with construction along the BeltLine near a very active retail location?
MB: Building on a commercially active site can often have many challenges, and Jamestown has spent a considerable amount of time putting together a con- struction timeline that will limit the impact on the residents, tenants, and their guests.
Mass timber (MT) is a great material to use when building on an already
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