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A Strategic Offseason
Georgia Forestry Association Focuses on Issues that Improve Efficiency and Add Value
By Matt Hestad
G eorge Allen, NFL Hall of Fame Head Coach for the Washington Redskins, once said, “What you do in the offseason determines what you do in
the regular season.” These words ring as true in sports as they do in advocacy. The Georgia Forestry Association (GFA) works year-round to identify and execute on opportunities during the General Assembly’s 40-day legislative session to improve the forestry supply chain.
GFA has been hard at work leading up to the 2020 session — from hosting two Legislator Orientations to Forestry, to testifying before relevant Senate and House committees, to recommending GFA subject-matter expert members to serve on legislative study committees and holding one-on-one meetings with policymakers. Of highest concern are the issues that provide direct value to all members by enhancing markets for forest
Sen. Sheikh Rahman, a freshman legislator from Gwinnett County, gets some hands-on experience at a GFA-hosted Forestry Orientation.

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