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  Cowart and human resource profes- sionals across the country are witnessing firsthand the ebb and flow of trends in the workforce. It’s estimated some 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day, and when they leave their jobs, they take their knowledge and expe- rience with them. That drain, along with tight budgets, increased mechanization and young workers motivated more by climbing the ladder in a city setting rather than a rural one, are contributing to a challenging hiring environment.
Yet Williams sees the glass as“half full,” saying job satisfaction at the agency is high, and attracting and retaining the right people is key. In Cowart’s role as a first-line interviewer of candidates, she’s homing in on specific qualities common to successful GFC employees.
“We’re looking for people with a ser- vant’s heart,” she said. “We strive to find the best person for the job, who’s moti- vated by public service and has drive.”
Person Message
In an effort to reach candidates who embrace the qualities fundamental for employment success, the GFC has launched an outreach campaign with the theme “I Am GFC.” Through a series of custom videos and social media strate- gies, the campaign showcases current GFC employees sharing highlights of their jobs and ways they measure their work satisfaction.
In a videotaped interview for the cam- paign, Sustainable Community Forestry Program Forest Specialist Seth Hawkins expressed the enjoyment he gets from “the opportunity to make a difference every day.”
“I help spread awareness about everything trees do for us,” Hawkins said, “and then I see people get inspired and get motivated to go on and make a difference, too.”
Making a difference for the commu- nity, as well as the forest resource, is a theme that comes through loud and clear in the “I Am GFC” series.
Lynne Womack is clearly passionate about her job as a forest health specialist. She works with other professionals across the state and the Southeast and helps educate the public on forest health issues.
“The best part about working for this agency is that we do research and work to help protect the forest resource. The
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