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WHEN ASKED ABOUT HIS 12-YEAR CAREER as St. Paul’s School’s director of college counseling, Jake Talmage puts  remains most important is that our team has  college and be successful when they get there,” he says.
This fall, 90 St. Paul’s graduates will matriculate at 59 different institutions. This can be attributed, in part, to the programs Talmage initiated, such as Application Boot Camp and Virtual College Visits. He has also taken on leadership  David Faus calls Talmage “a nationally recognized leader and innovator in college admissions counseling,” citing his recent selection as president-elect of the Mid-
THIS FALL, UPPER SCHOOL STUDENTS at St. Paul’s School for Girls (SPSG) will welcome a new upper school head and assistant
head of school. Catalina Keilhauer spent the past 20 years at Madeira School, an all-girls boarding school outside Washington, D.C. There, she served as chair of the world languages department and director of global initiatives, taught French and Spanish, coached volleyball and softball, and worked in the residential program.
Keilhauer brings a strong commitment to education to SPSG that draws on her past. Originally from Guatemala, Keilhauer and her family came to the U.S. to escape civil  experience, she understands the difference education can make in achieving democracy and freedom, especially for girls.
Keilhauer received degrees from Bryn Mawr College and Middlebury College in French studies and literature, and, most recently,
Atlantic’s 800-member college counseling association.
Talmage seemed destined to land at St. Paul’s. He arrived in 2005 from Pine Crest School in Florida, where he served as associate director of college counseling for   University, the University of Vermont, and the College of William & Mary.
  at UVM in the early 1990s and felt a sense of belonging at both. Later, I had an opportunity to work at Johns Hopkins and remained impressed with both the school and city. When I had a chance to return to Baltimore by joining St. Paul’s in 2005, I 
has done doctoral work in organizational and educational leadership at the University of Pennsylvania.

knew the school was special. “The moment I walked through the main doors, I knew
I had found the right place. The corridors buzzed with energy and excitement, with happy, polite, and engaged girls,” she says.
Furthermore, she saw a place where she could share her diverse experiences and  outside the classroom, as well as develop a strong voice and moral character.
In her new role, Keilhauer hopes “to continue to grow interdisciplinary offerings and real-life experiences for grades 5-12, so that the students may develop not only as intelligent risk-
takers and confident leaders, but also as philanthropic and empathetic women who serve in the world.”
Jake Talmage
St. Paul’s School
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