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Sack Cannon, director of admission and enrollment management, feels certain that destiny put her on this professional path. Both of her parents were teachers and, since graduating from the College of Notre Dame, Cannon has enjoyed a 20-year career in education.
“As simple as it sounds, I truly believe knowledge is power. I believe that a strong educational foundation is key to transformation,” she says.
Cannon sees this every day at NDP, both in her current role and as a parent to twin NDP ninth-graders. She believes NDP’s teachers and curriculum set it apart.
“We are mission-driven and the students are the center of our world,” she says.
She credits the school’s success to the NDP
ROMMEL LORIA HAS SERVED AS THE DIRECTOR of civic engagement and service learning at The Park School of Baltimore since 2014, having previously taught language arts at its middle school. His work focuses on linking service experiences in support of the community with the school’s curriculum, cultivating relationships with community partners, and supporting the development of new programs. Loria is also an upper school advisor and tennis coach.
Loria’s journey to Park was unique. After earning his B.S. from Georgetown University and his J.D. from the University of Maryland, Loria worked as an attorney in Baltimore, focusing on civil litigation.
He liked practicing law, but sought something more. At the encouragement of a mentor, he pursued a career in teaching, combining his interests in writing and literature, working with kids, and sports.
trifecta: academic excellence, spiritual and personal growth, and the practice of justice.
As a parent, Cannon has seen the transformative power of an NDP education. She promotes this to families of sixth- through 12th- grade applicants in her admissions role. During her tenure, Cannon has not only worked to sustain enrollment and meet projected goals, but to convey the school’s mission. Cannon stands by the traditions of NDP’s founding School Sisters of Notre Dame, and promotes the leadership and innovation the school provides its students. Above all, she appreciates the school’s ability to adhere to treasured traditions while cultivating friendship and sisterhood.
“Fostering NDP’s programs and whole-school experience, and recruiting the best students  environment, is what I continue to seek
to achieve as director of admission and enrollment management,” she says.
(And he returned to school again, earning his M.L.A. from Johns Hopkins.)

“Park allows me to constantly ask whether what we’re doing is best for our students, and it’s a culture that encourages students to have a voice in creating their experience.”
In his current role, Loria believes he helps Park students — kindergarten through grade 12 — take ownership of their education. For the past three years, he has worked with eighth graders on identifying, designing and implementing advocacy projects that challenge students to respond to social issues — a program, known as ADVOC8,
that he helped create during professional development work at Park.

and take action. While we provide structure that guides students, it is, by and large, a blank canvas, and their creativity is inspiring,” he says.
Maureen Sack
Notre Dame Preparatory School
Rommel Loria
The Park School of Baltimore

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