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  quaint villages along the waterways of delaware
A verdant rural community,
thriving farming economy in Delaware that included trapping,     Leipsic’s relaxed location by
the water has helped the town become a popular spot for      and indulge at a popular waterfront dining restaurant, Sambo’s Tavern, a must-visit destination that features fresh seafood caught locally.
Known for its ecotourism and numerous water activities, Bowers Beach is a great spot
for those who love water sports,           the Bowers Beach Maritime Museum, watch for horseshoe crabs spawning on the beach, spend an afternoon kayaking through the bay or simply stroll along the beach looking for sea glass.
This charming Bayshore community dates back to the early 1800s — when it was     pirates! Today, Little Creek is home to the Little Creek Wildlife Refuge and a part of the Delaware Bayshore Byway, where visitors can take a scenic drive along the Delaware Bay to see various migratory birds, waterways and native plants.
           Discover some of our secluded, sandy beaches along the Delaware Bay. Kick back, and read a book. Sit back, and soak in the sun and the sound of waves.
Pickering Beach — Dover
Kitts Hummock Beach — Dover Woodland Beach — Smyrna Slaughter Beach — 
Port Mahon Beach —   North Bowers Beach — Bowers Beach South Bowers Beach — Bowers Beach
Horseshoe crabs, a signature species of the Delaware Bay estuary, spawn on the beaches of Delaware annually — the best         high tide, as well as at new and full moons.
explore some of our favorite delaware bay beaches, perfect for a quiet getaway
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