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Richly Newport
Get a taste of the high life with a summer stay in this sophisticated Rhode Island town.
Located on the southernmost tip of Aquidneck Island in the heart of southern New England, Newport packs a visual and experiential punch— one that includes five centuries of history. It takes between five and six
hours to get there from the Main Line region, so plan on at least a few days to get a representative sample of all that Newport has to offer.
Shopping, dining and many recreational activities are an easy walk from downtown’s cobbled paths. The famed Newport mansions are only a few miles away. If you want to experience some truly stunning views, take a ride on the 10-mile Ocean Drive or a stroll the 3.5-mile Cliff Walk high above the ocean. Some drops are as high as 70 feet.
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By Marilyn Odesser-TOrpey

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