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competitions. As a special perk this year, on Mother’s Day only, you can present your Willowdale ticket at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library and receive the discounted group rate.
The options are many for anyone looking to enjoy the 30th anniversary celebration, whether it’s general admission, tailgate parking, or in the Private Party Paddocks.
The Willowdale Steeplechase is a
501 (c)(3) nonprofit based in Kennett Square. Their mission is to raise funds
for two world-class organizations. Their donations to the Stroud Water Research Center and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center assist these organizations in their work to support and sustain life on the planet through clean-water research and the advancement of veterinary medicine.
You may or may not know their purpose, but on a drive through the southeastern Pennsylvania region, you’re sure to encounter green tubes dotting the landscape,
most likely close to a stream or river, perhaps with a sign and a logo bearing the name Stroud Water Research Center.
The Stroud Center, a global nonprofit focused exclusively on fresh water, is headquartered along White Clay Creek in Avondale, Pennsylvania, and has been working diligently to study and protect streams and rivers for more than
55 years through research, education and watershed restoration.
Long-term research studies conducted
by Stroud Center scientists and their peers have shown that forests and other plantings along streams protect the life-sustaining waters from adjacent land use and provide additional benefits. Trees filter pollution, reduce flooding and stream-bank erosion, keep waters shaded and cooler for brook trout and other stream life, and provide essential nutrients from leaf litter and woody debris. Native trees and shrubs protect
and enhance your property while creating important habitat for songbirds, butterflies, fish, and other wildlife.
So back to those green tubes: What
Tree tubes protect the young trees growing inside them.
exactly is their purpose? Though tree
tubes are less bucolic, their temporary use protects the young trees that are growing inside them. Without the tubes, deer munch on the tasty young seedlings, and bucks like to scrape their antlers on them, unintentionally killing the fragile and immature trees. The tubes continued on page 32
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