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                 ownership of tailgate parking spaces over
20 years ago, du Pont purchased space number one. Without fail, every March 1, when sales started, he’d arrive in his Chevette with his Point-to-Point letter in one hand and a checkbook in the other. “It became
an annual tradition,” says race director Jill Abbott. “His visit energized me every year. We knew Point-to-Point was right around the corner when he showed up.”
Brip would arrive at the event wearing his brown corduroy blazer, and Abbott would attach that year’s pin. When he turned 100, the staff was ready with a birthday cake, a sash, a baseball cap and sunglasses in the shape of 100. Abbott has saved an extra Point-to-Point pin and will keep it on the mantle in memory of him.
Brip is survived by his daughter-in-law, Eugenie Collison du Pont, daughters Irene Light, Cynthia Tobias, Sally Quinn and Grace Engbring, 13 grandchildren, and
13 great-grandchildren. In 2019 article in Delaware’s Cape Gazette, du Pont was asked what he valued most. “That I was born into the human race—that I had a mother and
a father for more than 40 years,” he replied. “For that, I’m most thankful. Their love. That’s the most important thing—love.” SL
Grandson John Light and family arrive in du Pont’s 1936 Oldsmobile at a recent Winterthur Point-to-Point.
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