Page 101 - The Hunt - Spring/Summer 2023
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                 Jimmy Paxson and his outriders are a regular presence at Point-to- Point at Winterthur and the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup (below).
 permitting. He lives on a 50-acre farm in Lancaster County with his wife, Doris, 15 thoroughbreds and 51 Penn-Marydel hounds. At night, the only lights visible from his house are the moon and stars.
Paxson is master of the River Hills Foxhounds, a recognized private pack. River Hills territory encompasses the
farm and forestland of southern Lancaster County and southwestern Chester County in Pennsylvania and northern Cecil County, Maryland, where horses and riders can gallop across fields and jump over streams and fallen trees. “The idea is to chase the fox, not to get the fox,” he says.
Karen Kennedy began riding to hounds with Paxson more than 20 years ago. She doesn’t foxhunt much since suffering a back injury but stays close to River Hills, taking pictures and helping with the dogs.
“Jimmy is friendly, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable,” she says. “He loves his thoroughbreds and has a great feeling for them.” | STEEPLECHASE LOOKBOOK 2023 65

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