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years. “For 25 years, we’ve conducted R&D devoted to selecting the varieties that make up the field blends of our four wines, a process that continually changes and is a constant evolution,” Vietri says. “We’ve devoted a great deal of effort toward creating our Nebbiolo clonal and massal selections.” 8820 Gap Newport Pike, Avondale, Pennsylvania, (610) 268-2702,
Vox Vineti. Along with Va La, Vox Vineti aims to set a high bar in the quality of the few wines it makes annually from its six-acre hillside vineyards. Founded in 2012 by Ed and Adrienne Lazzerini, Vox Vineti is open weekends for tastings; reservations are recommended. 49 Sproul Road, Christiana, Pennsylvania,
Wayvine Winery & Vineyard. Zachary and James Wilson founded Wayvine in 2010, subdividing 10 acres of the 260-acre family farm to start growing grapes. The industrious pair now has 18 acres of vines. “We’re 100% estate and only use our fruit in our wines,” says James. Wayvine also owns Tulip Pasta, an eatery in Philadelphia’s Fishtown section that’s a tasting room as well. 4374
Forge Road, Nottingham, Pennsylvania, (610) 620-5261, TH
Anthony Vietri with the fruits of his labor.
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