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                ■ Shovel-Ready Business Park
We’re pleased to announce that two (with negotiations underway
on a third) lots have been leased out of 12 available in the county’s newly developed, shovel-ready Delaware Coastal Business Park. Today, Atlantis Industries — which manufactures plastic injection molding — is up and running with 35 full-time workers in a 40,000-square-foot building. In 2018, DGS Properties LLC, operating as Creative Floors South, Inc., leased a 2.24-acre parcel at the Business Park. This second company to set up shop in the park will supply flooring materials.
■ Economic Gardening
We will also introduce a new program called “economic
gardening” (see more on page 13 or at www.ExciteSussex. com). This program, national in scope, will be the first of
its kind in Delaware. Developed by experts at the National Center for Economic Gardening, economic gardening
focuses on second-stage companies that are ready to scale
up. Employing strategic information, we will help companies overcome obstacles and identify pathways to growth. Five existing companies located in Sussex County will be chosen to participate in this program.
We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the growth in Sussex County, whether you’re a resident, business owner or perhaps interested in being a part of one of the fastest- growing counties in America. Visit our website today (www. or call our office (302-855-7770) to see how we can help you. Let’s do business... in Sussex County!
Bill Pfaff, Director, Sussex County Office of Economic Development
                                    WE CAN ENERGIZE YOUR FUTURE
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