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Sam Calagione
Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales
“Delaware has a long tradition of being both business- and agriculture-friendly. Dogfish is a local, community-minded company that melds those worlds together every day,” Calagione said. Recently, Dogfish Head announced it will be merging with Boston Beer Co., maker
of Samuel Adams. The merger will give consumers, distributors and retailers the most innovative and dynamic alcohol beverage package of any company in the world, Calagione noted.
   A Vital Research Tool for Entrepreneurs
 Benefiting Sussex County in 2019 is a new economic development tool called SizeUp, a digital research
software program providing geographically specific market information to empower entrepreneurs in their decision- making processes. The new program will be incorporated into the ExciteSussex website and will be free of charge to use, thanks to the county’s investment.
Free Research Tool
“SizeUp is a vital research tool for local and incoming businesses,” said Bill Pfaff, Director of the Sussex County Office of Economic Development. “It will enable business owners to evaluate their competitiveness and make decisions that will help them increase revenue and save money.”
SizeUp provides many of the same demographic, industry, geographic, business and cost data that big businesses use to make smarter decisions, but provides it to our users at no cost. Sussex municipalities will be offered a free link to make it available from their websites.
Here’s How SizeUp Can Help
BENCHMARK THE BUSINESS – Business owners can evaluate how their business sizes up by comparing performance to all other competitors in their industry.They will be able to isolate areas where they can improve and find ways they can save money.
MAP THE COMPETITION – Business owners can map where competitors, customers and suppliers are located, and determine how they can best serve existing customers, find new customers and pick suppliers by using the map to isolate areas with many potential customers but little competition.
DETERMINE THE BEST PLACES TO ADVERTISE – Business owners will be able to identify the best areas to target an advertising campaign. They can choose from pre-set reports to find areas with the highest industry revenue, most underserved markets and where average business revenue
is highest, or create their own custom demographic and/or business report.
SizeUp is available for use free of charge on the County’s economic development website,

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