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    Princeton Mercer Offers Trails, Water Activities and Competitive Athletics
The Princeton Mercer region is a go-to destination to enjoy the outdoors. The area has plenty of open spaces to unwind, hike or sightsee. All of these natural wonders are within close proximity to a thriving downtown.
The region also offers some of the
finest venues for sports and recreation
at maintained parks, in addition to a variety of lush gardens and scenic trails. Princeton is the perfect destination for an all-day outing, indoors or outdoors, any season of the year.
Parks, Gardens, Trails
The Princeton Mercer region is full of great places to host a picnic or go for a hike. There are also plenty of quiet spots to enjoy a book or a day in the sun with family and friends, and lush gardens offer a perfect place to unwind and experience a wide array of native and exotic plants.
Mercer County Park, spread over 2,500 14 PrincetonMercerRegionalLife
acres, includes areas in the townships of West Windsor, Hamilton and Lawrence, and is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, including mountain bikers and hikers. There are more than a dozen playing fields used for soccer, football, lacrosse and Frisbee, and some of these spots offer parking, playgrounds, pavilions and restrooms. In addition, seven basketball
courts are located at the southernmost part of the park and include lights
for evening games and an electronic scoreboard. The Bark Park caters to our four-legged friends, where off-leash dogs can run around and play.
The Boathouse at Mercer Lake offers a picturesque lakefront event space overlooking lush park greenery and

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