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a bright future for Greater Philadelphia’s energy industry
Infrastructure and access to affordable, reliable energy are driving growth.
Thanks to a variety of factors — from infrastructure and distribution channels to geographic location and proximity to the nation’s largest deposit of untapped natural gas — the Philadelphia region is poised to con- tinue its evolution as a dominant energy hub, especially with the abundance of shale gas. As a result, Greater Philadelphia has taken the national lead in energy production, resources and innovation. More than 50 percent of oil and gas wells drilled in the Marcellus Shale are located within the region. With the increased flow of energy resources and a concerted effort by public and private interests, the coming years will usher in significant manufacturing and job growth.
It all begins with PECO, the leading energy utility in southeastern Pennsylvania, which, through its parent company, Exelon, is now also serving communities across northern Delaware and southern New Jersey. With expertise and a stellar reputation for providing access to affordable, reliable electricity, gas and renewable energy options, PECO is leading the way in Greater Philadelphia’s energy industry.
Philadelphia is also home to the largest municipal gas utility in the country — Philadelphia Gas Works. For nearly 200 years, PGW has been continuously evolving as they manage and maintain a system of more than 6,000 miles of gas mains and service pipes that deliver an annual 78 billion cubic feet of safe, reliable natural gas to 500,000 business and residential customers each year.
In addition, other major public and privately held energy and utility leaders service Greater
Philadelphia — and the country — while also calling this region home. These entities include Aqua America, headquartered in Bryn Mawr, PA, one of the nation’s largest water companies; American Water, headquartered in Camden, NJ, a leading national water supplier; Philadelphia Energy Solutions, headquartered in Philadelphia, operator of the largest oil refining complex on the Eastern Seaboard; UGI, headquartered in Valley Forge, PA, a national and international leader in natural gas, electric and related energy utilities and services. South Jersey Industries, PSE&G, Energy Transfer Partners, Constellation Energy and Talen Energy, among others, call north- ern Delaware, southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania home.
Five major pipeline projects have been announced or are in the planning stages and could well double
the flow of natural gas from the Marcellus and Utica Shale sites across Pennsylvania. When fully operational, those conduits will bring an additional 3.094 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas and natural gas liquids to businesses and consumers. Currently, Greater Philadelphia uses 3 billion cubic feet per day.
During the past decade, national natural gas production has increased by more than 30 percent, while the Marcellus and Utica output has swelled by a staggering 1,300 percent. Potential growth for the area is high, as investors and developers maximize access to inexpensive and abundant energy resources.
But the region’s energy strength is not just due to the gas reserves in the north and west. Philadelphia boasts the largest oil refinery on the Eastern Seaboard, and 100 percent of the East Coast’s oil refining is done within a 50-mile radius of the region. Philadelphia’s transportation infrastructure is second to none, thanks to an international airport, world-class ports leading to deep-water thruways, rail lines and an out- standing highway system. Put it all together, and you have an epicenter in Greater Philadelphia for energy production and distribution.
And the future is even brighter: The Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team is working to create out- standing opportunities for developers by providing energy resources and creating partnerships with the area’s engineering and financial communities and other service providers. The result is a region poised for significant growth and progress in one of the nation’s most important economic sectors.
• PECO provides reliable, affordable and accessible electric and gas resources to residential and busi- ness customers throughout Greater Philadelphia. The company is part of Exelon, a major national energy provider with more than $34 billion in annual revenue. In addition, PECO is committed to finding cleaner power solutions and uses tech- nology and innovation to deliver its product more efficiently and with fewer interruptions.
• PSE&G is a diversified energy company that has served New Jersey communities for more than 100 years with power solutions that have helped the state’s economy grow and its resi- dents to live more comfortably. With its more than 13,000 employees, PSE&G provides gas and electric service to three out of every four New Jersey residents.
• Delmarva Power is an Exelon company that delivers electricity and gas to more than 500,000 customers in Delaware and Maryland. Founded in 1905, it employs 898 people and administers 160 substations and 10 plants.
• Also Notable: South Jersey Industries, PGW, UGI COMPANIES TO WATCH
• Energy Transfer Partners (formerly Sunoco Logistics) owns and operates the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Delaware County, PA. ETP is in the business of transporting, terminalling and storing crude oil, refined products and natural gas liquids. Thanks to vast industry expertise and high-quality safety measures,
ETP helps its customers acquire energy products using a vast network of storage facilities, pipelines and other transportation methods.
• Braskem USA, a local subsidiary of the Brazil-based petrochemical giant, operates as a polypropylene manufacturer at its plant at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. Braskem USA now produces more than 775 million pounds of polypropylene each year from its unique — and growing — facility in southeastern Pennsylvania.
• Philadelphia Energy Solutions is a Philadelphia-based refinery that processes more than 335,000 barrels of crude oil each day, making it one of the largest refiners in the
U.S. and the largest on the Eastern Seaboard. PES employs more than 1,000 people and is committed to efficient production for its clients.
• Also Notable: Enbridge (formerly Spectra), Constellation Energy, Monroe Energy | 15

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